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My Return to Warframe After Destiny 2

As you can see from my previous post back in October, I was rather looking forward to Destiny 2 coming to PC and when it finally hit, I spent a good, solid week or 2 grinding out my character and all the content the game had to offer to me and by the time I had finally reached power level 272 I found myself so tired out with the rest of the game. Every time my character logged back in, all that was left for me to do was any milestones that cropped up and it quite frankly was boring me to tears. Once I found myself done with Destiny 2, I went on the lookout for a game to really sink my teeth into again and that’s when I decided to try out a F2P game I’d loved for years, Warframe.

Around the same time as the release of Destiny 2 on PC came the Plains of Eidolon update for Warframe, one of the biggest updates in the game’s history and the first open world segment that Warframe has ever seen. Even though I haven’t spent much time enjoying the Plains of Eidolon, the continuous updates that the game receives on a monthly basis is what kept me coming back to the game originally.

Despite this, I did leave the game back in early 2016, and why?  Well, back at the end of 2015 I was left without a PC for a while, due to travel and couldn’t put the time Warframe required and by the time I came back, there was just too many games on offer for me to catch up on, so I left Warframe on the back-burner until then. Fast forward just over a year of hiatus, I’ve spent almost 4-5 hours a day for the past 2 weeks in this game and I still have yet to find myself getting tired with the game, and that could be because of all of the content I’ve missed over the last year.

My time away from the game has only really cemented just how much I enjoy the game and how much I used to enjoy the game, which can be seen from the over 350 hours I’ve put into the game since 2013 – when the game was just barely in closed beta.

So, with my return to Warframe, once again the game has sucked away almost all of my spare time and has once again became one of my favourite F2P games in existence and considering it’s one of the very few games I’ve ever put money into, it just goes to show how much the game brings to the table. Even in 2017, Warframe is still a bit of a grindey game, but that’s where all the enjoyment and time gets sunk into and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ll be sticking to it considerably longer once more, even after Destiny 2 failed to keep my interest for long term!

If you have yet to give Warframe a go, I would highly recommend it; so follow this link to sign up and finally become the space ninja you’ve always wanted to be: