Gaming Pet Peeves

Gaming Pet Peeves – Prison Bars With Too Much Space

We’ve all played a video game in our time that has one of the silliest design choices I’ve come across in my 20+ years of gaming. Looking back on this issues now, I’m never quite sure if it’s a design choice or a complete oversight from the art directors, but there is one gaming pet peeve I can’t ever look past, due to just how ridiculous it really is.

That pet peeve in gaming is the prisons/jail cells that have bars so far apart from one another or are so large in size that a person can fit through with ease! Let’s be honest, in what world is that a good design choice, but that’s not the whole problem I have with this particular pet peeve. No, it’s not the fact that almost anyone in the entire world could fit through the bars, but the thing that I find some irritating and rather annoying is that the main characters fail to realise they can fit through the bars no problem.

Imagine, these characters have just been thrown into a life or death situation, where at any point they could be brought to execution from their cell. Instead of coming up with the obvious plan of slipping through the obviously poorly designed bars by the art team, these characters have to come up with an overly flamboyant and complicated plan to make their escape from the cell.

One of the most recent games I played that comes to mind for being guilty of this particular sin is the PS Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice. In the beginning of the game, you’re trapped within this bone cells as the world is slowly consumed around you. Upon watching the very first cutscene where you chat with a fellow captive, the game makes it very evident that the gaps in that bone cell of yours is not going to be holding anybody captive! In all honesty, you can make the argument that they wouldn’t want to escape, considering the main antagonists power and how easily he’s brought the world to its knees, they probably wouldn’t want to try and make a break for it, but still.

The overall design for these cells are ridiculous and I can’t help but laugh whenever I see a new game – especially in RPG’s – accidentally pull off a jail cell that’s so poorly designed, a whole human can fit through unchallenged. In a world where they wish for their criminals to remain behind bars, they should probably make it so those bars can’t fit an entire person with ease, otherwise all of those life sentences might have considerably less impact if they can simply slip out the side!