Gaming Pet Peeves

Gaming Pet Peeves – Losing a Fight You Won

In the next installment of my “Gaming Pet Peeves”, I tackle another pet peeve that’s quite annoying: losing a fight you obviously won. This one in particular is a sin I’ve seen a lot of RPG’s commit over the years, with the latest one I experienced in a JRPG a few months back. Omega Quintet was the name of the game and it had committed this pet peeve of mine so regularly, it actually kind of inspired this whole idea of gaming pet peeves. Despite the game being the inspiration for this series, I can’t forgive it for having done this one thing over and over again, all throughout the span of 2-3 hours.

To be more specific, the Gaming Pet Peeve I’m talking about is when in-game you defeat your opponent like you would any other enemy and then all of a sudden, the following cutscene or dialog goes on to say how they completely destroyed you. Basically, what the game is saying when this happens is that no matter how much work you put into winning that fight, for the sake of the story, this character is still going to be the victor. When this happens it gives off the impression that what you’re doing isn’t worth the effort, so there’s no need to try – not until you realise the game doesn’t progress until you win the fight, but lose anyway.

Omega Quintet does this and so do other games and that’s when you lose the fight in-game it is considered a game over. In what world does that count as a game over?! Instead of winning the fight, only to be told you lost, just make the character you’re fighting near-impossible to take down and let them win the fight in-game. When the enemy is so strong that they decimate you in-game and a cutscene or piece of dialog follows, demonstrating that you were never meant to win the fight is story progression I can get behind. However, pretending that the enemy had won and completely destroyed my party during the fight, despite the fact I knocked their health bar down to zero is something that is nonsensical to me!

Now, I’m no developer and I don’t pretend to have any authority over anything, but if budding game developers can stray await from this particular sin, then that would be just lovely. Have the enemy completely destroy my party to carry on the story – that is a-okay with me – but if I win the fight and the enemy goes on about how they completely decimated everything I worked so hard for; you and I are going to have some words!

(In actuality I’m not really all that mad; yet I do find something humourous about going completely on one when it comes to these completely ridiculous and silly things that crop up in video games from time to time.)