Warframe - Personal Thoughts

Warframe: New Category (Series)

Now, a lot of you may not know this. Actually, whoever is actually reading this won’t know this information just yet, but I digress:

  • I am a pretty big fan of Warframe!

I have been playing the game since closed beta, even prior to the big revamp to mods. That’s right, I was playing back when upgrading a weapon or a frame was done on a skill tree model – A SKILL TREE!! That there is a topic for another day, though.

As I was before I got a tad sidetracked: I’m a big fan of Warframe, which is why I’m going to be dedicating a specific category for it on this blog of mine. What this category is for is for my personal thoughts when it comes to the game.

This could include my personal thoughts on:

  • A newly released weapon
  • A brand new weapon type; all new to the game
  • An upcoming update
  • Or a recen...