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Darksiders 3: Leaked/Unofficially Announced

Back in 2012, Darksiders 2 made its way to the public and was sadly the only game that could pull THQ – the publisher for the series – out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in. Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell as well as anticipated upon release, which eventually led to the downfall of a company that no longer exists and their respective properties were sold...

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Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Finally has a Release Date

Capcom has been teasing fans of the Marvel VS Capcom franchise for some time now about the upcoming MVC game. By the looks of things, they’ve finally stopped playing around and have decided to announce an official release date – 19th September 2017. Along with the release date, they’ve also dropped a brand new story-related trailer that shows a short handful of the characters you’ll be able to play with – and against – in the story mode of the game.

Feel free to watch the trailer below:

Just by...

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Hearthstone – Year of the Mammoth Changes

Even as I start to write out this post, I can’t quite believe a whole year has passed; more specifically a whole year for Hearthstone since it implemented the Standard format – a change many players were pleased to witness; with myself included. As the year of the Kraken slowly starts to come to an end, it’s been revealed that the year of the Mammoth will be receiving a number of changes; some small and some really REALLY big!

One of the first major changes to the year of the Mammoth comes along...

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Radiant Entertainment bought by Riot Games

Rising Thunder was/is a 2D fighting game, currently in Alpha, developed specifically for the PC, where the whole crux of the game was the special moves could be accomplished with nothing more than a button tap. This allowed for even the most basic of fighting game players to jump in and have a laugh, all without needing to stress out about complicated actions just to pull off one move. Oh, and every single character is a badass robot!

Now, it seems that the developers behind this game, Radiant E...

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Pokkén is Coming to EVO

Hey, you know that game where you get to pick one of your favourite Pokémon, only to watch them duke it out in a gentleman’s round of fisticuffs, all while in the style of the Tekken series? Well, it’s coming to EVO!

I don’t know all too much about either, but I do know that I’m a fan of both fighting games, as well as Pokémon, so having the two grouped together is one giant positive for me...

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Mighty No. 9 – Delayed for a Third Time

I’m sure if you’re someone who has the least bit of interest when it comes to the games industry, then you have probably come across a title under the name, ‘Mighty No. 9.’ 

On the off chance that you don’t currently know what this game is; it’s a 2D platformer that is meant to be a modern day Megaman, designed by veteran Megaman developers...