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Overwatch – Need for Flex Players

It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that I’m a fan of Blizzard’s competitive, FPS, Overwatch. After all, I picked the game up the same month it was released and have consistently played it for the past year. During that time, I’ve learned to flex between different characters and different roles; with one of my major ones being tank. At one point, I even had a mate of mine say that “I must really like tanks, because I pick them so often.” My response to that was a bit of a laugh and I mentioned the reason I have so much time on tanks is because no one else would play them – a fact that’s getting more prominent as time goes on.

Back in the early days of the game’s release, I picked up Roadhog as my main, as he had a kit that I enjoyed; hooking people was pretty damn satisfy...