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Hearthstone – Year of the Mammoth Changes

Even as I start to write out this post, I can’t quite believe a whole year has passed; more specifically a whole year for Hearthstone since it implemented the Standard format – a change many players were pleased to witness; with myself included. As the year of the Kraken slowly starts to come to an end, it’s been revealed that the year of the Mammoth will be receiving a number of changes; some small and some really REALLY big!

One of the first major changes to the year of the Mammoth comes along with the obvious rotating out of some of the previous sets.

The sets that are going to be rotated out are:

  • Black rock Mountain¬†
  • The Grand Tournament
  • League of Explorers

What this means for the player-base is that Reno decks are now going to be a thing of the past, at least for the Standard forma...