Let it Die – Dark Souls gone Bonkers

A week after Final Fantasy XV (15) was released, I found myself without a game to focus some of my time on; with the exception of occasionally going back to it to try and get the Platinum trophy – which may take me a sweet while! Anyways, back on to what I was saying; I was perusing the PlayStation Store and discovered a free-to-play game under the name of “Let it Die” and I thought that there wasn’t anything for me to lose and got set on downloading the game.  Up until this point, I hadn’t heard or seen anything about this game in the slightest, so I did not have a literal clue what to expect when I loaded up the game for the first time; and I can assure you that once I finally got into the game, the crazy level went all the way up to 11!

First off, one of the main sources of tips and tr...


The Bug Butcher – Slaughtering Time!

So, I looked inside my inbox the other day, and I noticed a little message saying that I had a renewable code for this little indie game, called The Bug Butcher. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first loaded up the game, especially since it didn’t sound like the sort of game I would necessarily be into, as at first it sounded like a poorly designed third-person shooter; but I am very happy to say that I was proven wrong almost from the exact moment I loaded it up.

The game loads up with you being introduced to an Isaac Clarke/Dead Space scenario, except this time around you’re actually told about the extermination that is required; rather than waiting a little bit for it to be sprung on you...

Website Reviews

Games Like Zone – Review

Now, while this may be a little different for me and my practically non-existent blog, I’ve been asked if I would be willing to review a gaming website and as you can probably tell from the fact that this post is now live, instead of being stuck in my “Drafts”, I decided to take them up on the offer.

So, first of all; what is GamesLikeZone.Com? Well, GLZ – as I’m now abbreviating it – is a website that caters to gamers who are on the lookout for a game, similar to a specific title, such as Minecraft, then they put the work and research in to finding some of the best alternatives to that particular game, but are technically similar...

Gaming News

Radiant Entertainment bought by Riot Games

Rising Thunder was/is a 2D fighting game, currently in Alpha, developed specifically for the PC, where the whole crux of the game was the special moves could be accomplished with nothing more than a button tap. This allowed for even the most basic of fighting game players to jump in and have a laugh, all without needing to stress out about complicated actions just to pull off one move. Oh, and every single character is a badass robot!

Now, it seems that the developers behind this game, Radiant Entertainment have been bought by a certain studio that is hard to ignore in the games industry, Riot Games. Yes, that’s right; the guys behind the most popular MOBA game around today have actually purchased the studio...

Trading Card Games

Hearthstone – Introduction of Standard and Other Changes

You’ve heard right! Hearthstone is getting Standard. What is Standard you may ask? Well, it’s a game mode where only the cards released in a specific recent timeframe (basic and classic cards excluded), in this case one calendar year, can be built into a deck. That means, when this update launches in Spring 2016, the cards that came along in the Goblins VS Gnomes expansion won’t be available for any Standard decks – that means no more Dr. Boom. Yay!

Thankfully, the game isn’t completely eradicating the cards, as the same old Hearthstone we know and play will now be called Wild mode, where there are no restrictions on what cards you can use as per usual.

Ranked will be available on both Standard and Wild, but they will be separate...

Gaming News

Pokkén is Coming to EVO

Hey, you know that game where you get to pick one of your favourite Pokémon, only to watch them duke it out in a gentleman’s round of fisticuffs, all while in the style of the Tekken series? Well, it’s coming to EVO!

I don’t know all too much about either, but I do know that I’m a fan of both fighting games, as well as Pokémon, so having the two grouped together is one giant positive for me. Oh, and I’m well aware that EVO is the most prominent and watched fighting game tournament there is around, one that I’m trying to make more of an effort to watch this year. Afterall, what isn’t great about watching some of the greatest pro’s around in the FGC (fighting game community), and see them battle it out on a game that I can’t personally be the only one looking forward to it...

Gaming News

Mighty No. 9 – Delayed for a Third Time

I’m sure if you’re someone who has the least bit of interest when it comes to the games industry, then you have probably come across a title under the name, ‘Mighty No. 9.’ 

On the off chance that you don’t currently know what this game is; it’s a 2D platformer that is meant to be a modern day Megaman, designed by veteran Megaman developers. The game is set to come out this year, and considering how beloved the Megaman franchise is, it’s no surprise that people are waiting in bated breath for this one.

Now, as you may have noticed from the title, the game has appeared to be delayed once more...

Personal Thoughts

Darkest Dungeon – It’s Pretty Dark in There

It has been about a week since the Steam sale has ended (at least it was when I first started writing) and I think it’s fair to say I got myself a decent haul of games to play, one of which just so happens to be Darkest Dungeon, a turn-based RPG, revolving around a lovecraftian theme. 

Honestly, I’ve been meaning to pick up Darkest Dungeon for a while, and the Steam sale gave me the perfect opportunity to get the game for myself, and oh, does it not disappoint.

There are a number of reasons on why this game got my attention, and one of the first to mention has to be the art-style...

Trading Card Games

Duelyst – Fire Emblem and Hearthstone Had a Baby

Duelyst is the second game I’ve come across recently in the past week to be similar to Hearthstone, and just card games in general. What Duelyst has going for it in terms of difference in gameplay is the fact it’s designed more around being a strategy game, with a card system to help back it up.

The game does tend to take it’s main gameplay feature of moving around units on the board from Fire Emblem, or other strategy games that resemble the same sort of design. Instead of just having all your units on the board at once, you’ll need to make plays by using your cards to summon them onto the board, as well as buff them up to be a force to be reckoned with, along with a number of other options that different cards provide. 

At the start of each new game, you will have your general at...

Mobile Gaming

Jetpack Fighter – Get Swiping; Get Flying

At first, I wasn’t too sure sure if I wanted to cover Jetpack Fighter, and after finding out that it was actually developed by the team behind Smite, I had made my decision. I don’t have any personal bias towards the developers themselves, but I have played Smite, and this is one vast direction change from their 3rd person MOBA, so I felt the need to report on it. Oh, and the fact that I’ve found the game pretty bloody fun for the past few days now!

The game was released about a week ago on iOS platforms, which is about the time I first picked it up...