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Darksiders 3: Leaked/Unofficially Announced

Back in 2012, Darksiders 2 made its way to the public and was sadly the only game that could pull THQ – the publisher for the series – out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in. Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell as well as anticipated upon release, which eventually led to the downfall of a company that no longer exists and their respective properties were sold. Among many of their licenses, Darksiders was one of them that was sold off and scattered to the wind in terms of what could be happening with it.

After a couple of pieces of evidence that appears to have cropped up, it just goes to show that Darksiders might finally be receiving the 3rd installment in the franchise. For years it was unknown what was going to happen with the fate of this series, so it’s good to see that the new owners have the intention to continue on with the franchise.

The first piece of evidence that demonstrates this is the brand new Darksiders collection that has the HD remastering of both Darksiders 1 and 2 in one, single box. With this, though, it’s not your typical collection – with the main reason being tied to the fact that it’s called Fury’s Collection. Who is Fury you might ask? She is one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in the Darksiders universe, even though we’ve never actually seen her before – until now!

What you’re seeing above this piece of text is the official artwork for Darksiders: Fury’s Collection – War & Death. You can purchase it digitally now on your Xbox One or PS4 and see it for yourself, but this is the official cover art for the game and it is the very first instance we’ve ever seen of Fury. Hell, up until now we didn’t even know what gender Fury was going to be – as far as I’m aware.

One of the main reasons it’s suspect that Fury will be starring in the (currently) unannounced Darksiders 3  is that image right there. For just a moment, think about all of the collections you’ve seen before; they tend to just be artwork that’s a mash-up of the original games and nothing more. They could have easily done that with this collection, just by removing Fury, have the image of both War and Death side-by-side, and you’ve got the cover art for this collection. But the fact they’ve straight up added her to the main box and called it “Fury’s Collection” simply demonstrates that they have put work into the character and that they intend to tease her image for a reason – likely for the announcement of Darksiders 3.

Moving onto my next argument, I have another image that is a little more concrete of the existence of Darksiders 3. I went into this originally suspecting that Darksiders 3 was in the cards for the future, but didn’t have any headway in its development; at least until I saw this particular screenshot below.

What you’re seeing in that image above is gameplay of Fury in the next Darksiders game. As you can see, she makes use of a whip – a weapon that is completely unlike War’s sword or Death’s scythe’s. Just by looking at the cover art for Fury’s Collection and the character in this screenshot, you can see the similarities between the two quite clearly and this simply demonstrates that Fury has had some serious design choices implemented to her and her character. Unfortunately, outside of this screenshot, there isn’t much else to be said about the gameplay, at least not until they release a trailer for Darksiders 3, which a lot of people are suspecting will be released shortly.

So, by the looks of things, fans of the series are finally going to get a sequel to the last Darksiders game and that is a pretty big relief, to say the least. A lot of people – myself included – enjoyed the game’s, the combat, along with the story, but once THQ was dissolved, no one had any clue where the franchise was going from there. Well, by the looks of things, it seems the tracks are in motion for the next Darksiders game to finally be released, just don’t expect it all too soon; the liklihood is it won’t come out until next year in 2018, so we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens from here on out.