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Journey to Un’Goro – Very Nearly Here (For EU)

As I write this, there’s currently a wait time of about 2 hours remaining until Journey to Un’Goro is finally going to be released to my region. I’m fully aware that America has been enjoying this expansion for the past couple of hours, but that doesn’t mean I’m still going to lament about having to wait regardless!

Be aware, that I’ll be looking at this from a casual player’s perspective and by that I mean I won’t be analysing certain cards because I don’t nearly have enough of an in-depth knowledge about Hearthstone or the changes it’s about to undergo in the next set; either way, I’m very much looking forward to the new set.

I’m a bloke that’s kind of missed Hunter, so by the looks of this expansion I might finally get the chance to have a viable Hunter deck again; although I will be sa...

Trading Card Games

Hearthstone – Introduction of Standard and Other Changes

You’ve heard right! Hearthstone is getting Standard. What is Standard you may ask? Well, it’s a game mode where only the cards released in a specific recent timeframe (basic and classic cards excluded), in this case one calendar year, can be built into a deck. That means, when this update launches in Spring 2016, the cards that came along in the Goblins VS Gnomes expansion won’t be available for any Standard decks – that means no more Dr. Boom. Yay!

Thankfully, the game isn’t completely eradicating the cards, as the same old Hearthstone we know and play will now be called Wild mode, where there are no restrictions on what cards you can use as per usual.

Ranked will be available on both Standard and Wild, but they will be separate...

Trading Card Games

Duelyst – Fire Emblem and Hearthstone Had a Baby

Duelyst is the second game I’ve come across recently in the past week to be similar to Hearthstone, and just card games in general. What Duelyst has going for it in terms of difference in gameplay is the fact it’s designed more around being a strategy game, with a card system to help back it up.

The game does tend to take it’s main gameplay feature of moving around units on the board from Fire Emblem, or other strategy games that resemble the same sort of design. Instead of just having all your units on the board at once, you’ll need to make plays by using your cards to summon them onto the board, as well as buff them up to be a force to be reckoned with, along with a number of other options that different cards provide. 

At the start of each new game, you will have your general at...