Let it Die – Dark Souls gone Bonkers

A week after Final Fantasy XV (15) was released, I found myself without a game to focus some of my time on; with the exception of occasionally going back to it to try and get the Platinum trophy – which may take me a sweet while! Anyways, back on to what I was saying; I was perusing the PlayStation Store and discovered a free-to-play game under the name of “Let it Die” and I thought that there wasn’t anything for me to lose and got set on downloading the game...


The Bug Butcher – Slaughtering Time!

So, I looked inside my inbox the other day, and I noticed a little message saying that I had a renewable code for this little indie game, called The Bug Butcher. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first loaded up the game, especially since it didn’t sound like the sort of game I would necessarily be into, as at first it sounded like a poorly designed third-person shooter; but I am very happy to say that I was proven wrong almost from the exact moment I loaded it up.

The game loads up with ...


I am Bread – Oh, are you now?

I am Bread is one of those titles that pretty much give the game away (see what I did there?), the moment you read the title. You’ll be playing a piece of bread in I am Bread, and surprisingly enough, playing a piece of bread is not actually the dullest idea to ever be concocted. In actual fact, it’s a considerable amount higher when it comes to fun factor.

Now, you may be wondering what it is you actually do as a piece of bread...