About Me – James

Apparently, I hadn’t even realised I’d left this particular page as default since I started up the blog; so let’s just completely ignore that and get straight into business!

Hello! I’m James, as I’m sure you can tell from the whole “JamesMReviews” persona thing that I’ve got going on. I have a real penchant for video games, have done ever since I could hold a Gameboy and despite my teenage years being filled with poor grammar and punctuation in almost every single English exam I’d taken; I’ve managed to make a semi-living focusing on my passion of video games.

I have no particular preference when it comes to genre, as I tend to play pretty much any game that manages to tickle my fancy; alas I do tend to avoid RTS games since I’m horrifically bad when it comes to strategy games.

This blog is just for me to get my thoughts and opinions out there in the games industry in general and while it may not always be the most consistent, I always come back to this blog one way or another; especially so in the cases of more visitors/comments. Feel free to comment on any of the posts I make or whatever else, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and see what your thoughts and feelings are about whatever it may be I just posted on.

On top of doing this for fun, I also do it professionally, so if you’d like to inquire from a more business-related standpoint – contact me here: jamesmartin.reviews@gmail.com

I will be in touch as soon as possible, that is assured.

Patreon – No one is expected to donate to me in the slightest, but anyone who feels happy enough to do that I can say with the utmost certainty it’s completely appreciated and will be put to good use to further this blog to new, unexplored heights: https://www.patreon.com/JMReviews