Mobile Gaming

Mavenfall – The Mobile Gaming Equivalent to Hearthstone

About a week ago I came across an iOS title by the name of Mavenfall. Gist of the game is this: you assemble a team of 5 characters, each with their own unique style of attacks and abilities, and you go up against another player’s team of 5. The winner is the last team standing!

Now, the general scope of the game is very simple to understand, but playing it is another matter. You see, the game is a mash up of a card game and a strategy game, all with a focus on the competitive element of it all. At the start of a match, you will be either first or second. If you’re first, then you get 5 mana, 5 cards and you get to attack first. If you’re second, you still get 5 cards, but you get 6 mana instead, at the crux of not going first...

Trip Down Memory Warframe

Trip Down Memory Warframe: New Series

Before I start, I would like to admit I am rather proud of finding that particular pun. Although, I feel I may have heard that pun ushered by someone before, but I can’t be too sure on that. Either way, however, I like it, so I’m going to be sticking with it. Moving on!

Now that I’m done with my little ramble, I’ll actually tell you what this idea is about, as you may be inclined to think that this is just like my Warframe: Personal Thoughts writings. In actual fact, the focus is solely on the past, with the reasoning behind this to show off to players just how much Warframe has changed, at least going as far back as closed beta, when I had started playing the game for myself.

What I might discuss could be some somewhat recent changes, or maybe even going as far back as some of the major ...