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Now, a lot of you may not know this. Actually, whoever is actually reading this won’t know this information just yet, but I digress:

  • I am a pretty big fan of Warframe!

I have been playing the game since closed beta, even prior to the big revamp to mods. That’s right, I was playing back when upgrading a weapon or a frame was done on a skill tree model – A SKILL TREE!! That there is a topic for another day, though.

As I was before I got a tad sidetracked: I’m a big fan of Warframe, which is why I’m going to be dedicating a specific category for it on this blog of mine. What this category is for is for my personal thoughts when it comes to the game.

This could include my personal thoughts on:

  • A newly released weapon
  • A brand new weapon type; all new to the game
  • An upcoming update
  • Or a recen...

I am Bread – Oh, are you now?

I am Bread is one of those titles that pretty much give the game away (see what I did there?), the moment you read the title. You’ll be playing a piece of bread in I am Bread, and surprisingly enough, playing a piece of bread is not actually the dullest idea to ever be concocted. In actual fact, it’s a considerable amount higher when it comes to fun factor.

Now, you may be wondering what it is you actually do as a piece of bread. What do you do? What is your ambition in life? Well, you would think it would be getting eaten. When, in actual fact, your real goal is to be toasted alive, until you are no longer bread, and instead turn into to toast, no matter what obstacles you may have to traverse your way around.

Alas, it would be nice and simple just to hop yourself into the nearest toaster...

Personal Thoughts

Fallout 4 = Nerdgasm

Excuse the title, but it pretty much explains how I’m feeling when it comes to Fallout 4. As an individual who still supports Fallout 3 as the better Fallout game when in comparison to Fallout New Vegas, I have to say I’m loving Fallout 4. I didn’t have many doubts that the game would live up to the hype, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s doing just that. Pretty much everything that was promised so far, has appeared in the game in some form of another, and it just goes to show Bethesda still have what it takes when it comes to game design.

Obviously the game isn’t perfect, but then what is? I haven’t encountered any bugs just yet, other than the infinite loading screen when it came to loading my save, as well as loading screens taking forever once I was in-game, all of which made the ...

Personal Thoughts

Finding a Theme is Hard

Apparently, finding a theme I would actually like to stick to is relatively difficult. So I think I’m just going to hold off changing it for a bit, and instead just try and work out the kinks with the one I’ve got now at some point.

I say at some point, because I would rather go and play League. So that’s just what I’m going to do instead!