Gaming Pet Peeves

Gaming Pet Peeves – Losing a Fight You Won

In the next installment of my “Gaming Pet Peeves”, I tackle another pet peeve that’s quite annoying: losing a fight you obviously won. This one in particular is a sin I’ve seen a lot of RPG’s commit over the years, with the latest one I experienced in a JRPG a few months back. Omega Quintet was the name of the game and it had committed this pet peeve of mine so regularly, it actually kind of inspired this whole idea of gaming pet peeves...

Gaming Pet Peeves

Gaming Pet Peeves – Prison Bars With Too Much Space

We’ve all played a video game in our time that has one of the silliest design choices I’ve come across in my 20+ years of gaming. Looking back on this issues now, I’m never quite sure if it’s a design choice or a complete oversight from the art directors, but there is one gaming pet peeve I can’t ever look past, due to just how ridiculous it really is.

That pet peeve in gaming is the prisons/jail cells that have bars so far apart from one another or are so large in size that a person can fit thr...

Gaming Pet Peeves

Gaming Pet Peeves – New Series

This is an idea I’ve had for quite some time now and I’ve finally decided to just go and do it! Now, you might be wondering, what in the world is “Gaming Pet Peeves” all about? Exactly what it says, right there on the tin! Basically, take the idea of a pet peeve – something that’s mildly annoying, without being too frustrating – and throw it into a gaming-perspective.¬†

There are a lot of little things when it comes to video games that aren’t all that frustrating but are just annoying enough to ...

Personal Thoughts

My Return to Warframe After Destiny 2

As you can see from my previous post back in October, I was rather looking forward to Destiny 2 coming to PC and when it finally hit, I spent a good, solid week or 2 grinding out my character and all the content the game had to offer to me and by the time I had finally reached power level 272 I found myself so tired out with the rest of the game. Every time my character logged back in, all that was left for me to do was any milestones that cropped up and it quite frankly was boring me to tears...

Personal Thoughts

Wait for Destiny 2 (PC) Continues

As of the time of writing, it’s been about 1 month and a week since I last set my hands on the latest Destiny – and while I remember my time with the original Destiny not being too ecstatic – but after playing Destiny 2 I had a very quick change of heart. My initial problem with Destiny was the gunplay, it just didn’t have the same satisfying feel as you would expect and want from an FPS game that you expect to place a serious amount of time in...

Personal Thoughts

Overwatch – Need for Flex Players

It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that I’m a fan of Blizzard’s competitive, FPS, Overwatch. After all, I picked the game up the same month it was released and have consistently played it for the past year. During that time, I’ve learned to flex between different characters and different roles; with one of my major ones being tank. At one point, I even had a mate of mine say that “I must really like tanks, because I pick them so often...

Personal Thoughts

Why You “Probably” Shouldn’t Buy Too Many Games

Ever since I was young, I operated under the philosophy that more was better when it came to video games. After all, it made sense: the more games you’ve got, the more you’ve got to play; where could it go wrong? Well, as I’ve found out in the past year, buying a lot of PS4 games in a short period of time may not have been my best idea to-date...

Personal Thoughts

Overwatch – My Thoughts on Raging/Flaming

In almost one whole year, Overwatch – one of the most popular FPS games in recent years – is finally about to reach its first birthday. When it came to Overwatch, I didn’t pre-order the game until a couple of weeks before it was officially¬†released, so I don’t have the same sort of experience as some players. Despite this, I’ve been playing pretty solidly for the last year and have not long gotten past level 100 and I can quite honestly say it’s one of my go-to games at the moment...

Gaming News

Darksiders 3: Leaked/Unofficially Announced

Back in 2012, Darksiders 2 made its way to the public and was sadly the only game that could pull THQ – the publisher for the series – out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in. Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell as well as anticipated upon release, which eventually led to the downfall of a company that no longer exists and their respective properties were sold...

Gaming News

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Finally has a Release Date

Capcom has been teasing fans of the Marvel VS Capcom franchise for some time now about the upcoming MVC game. By the looks of things, they’ve finally stopped playing around and have decided to announce an official release date – 19th September 2017. Along with the release date, they’ve also dropped a brand new story-related trailer that shows a short handful of the characters you’ll be able to play with – and against – in the story mode of the game.

Feel free to watch the trailer below:

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